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Planning meaningful liturgical celebrations for Advent, Christmas, and Easter (to name only a few) as well as making sure that every celebration (Mass, lay service, prayer service etc.) enables the entire parish to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ is the primary goal of this committee. Sitting on this committee are the coordinators of the various liturgical ministries mentioned above (Lectors, Music Ministry, Children’s Liturgy et. al.), as well as anyone and everyone interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas. Members are responsible for recruiting and training liturgical ministers, preparing our celebrations. Determining parish liturgical policy, and providing liturgical education for the parish. Meetings are held once per month from September to June on the first Tuesday of the month - 7:30 - 8:45PM. This ministry requires people with a flair for showmanship and an artistic ability to convey meaning through symbol, action, and song. If you love to entertain and engage others, give this committee a try.

Social Justice

Ours is a faith of action. The aim of the Social Justice Committee is to make real our biblical and baptismal call to “do justice”, and to “bring good news to the oppressed”. The committee leads parishioners to develop their understanding of social problems and injustices, to commit themselves to action and outreach, and to address both local and global concerns. It is active in refugee support and is a liaison with Development and Peace. Committee members become involved in a variety of issues, such as environmental stewardship, fair trade, support of charities at home and abroad, inter-church projects, restorative justice and North-South equity. Meetings are held monthly from September through June. New members are welcome to join at any time of the year.


Establishing and maintaining lines of communication, sharing information about parish and diocesan issues, activities and programs, and giving the people of Christ the King a forum to express their own ideas and concerns is the aim of this committee. If your gifts fall in line with these goals, then the Communications committee is in need of you.

Social Functions

The men and women of the Social Functions committee ensure that, in the midst of working to build our faith community, we do not forget to play a little too. Coordinating and planning parish dances, picnics, and other events requires a group of creative and energetic people who know how to have a great time. If you love to plan social events and would enjoy working with this vibrant and life giving group, let us know.


Do you enjoy meeting and greeting new neighbors and friends? The welcoming committee is in need of people like you. It is amazing how far a phone call, a home visit, a friendly face and sunny smile can go toward making new parishioners feel welcome and at home in our faith community. Are you yourself new to the parish? Give the office a call and let us welcome you properly!


Seeking unity between both Christian and non-Christian faiths the Ecumenism and Inter-faith Committee fosters and maintains communication and understanding. Whether it is arranging prayer services with local churches, an evening of faith sharing with the local mosque, or participating in and publicizing various diocesan wide events, the members of this committee continue to live out their belief that faith-filled peace can be a reality.